Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Dj software and hardware

One user politely asked to make a blog post about the equipment i used, so i shall do just that. thanks for the idea.

So This is my setup

1x Technics SL1200
1x Technics SL1210 turntables
Gemini PS 626 EXF mixer
Serato scratch live (SL3)
Macbook white Unibody
Sony MRDV900HD headphones

The serato software and hardware is a digital solution for DJs - it is the main component of my setup; without that i could not play anything. there are many DJs who will argue about digital vs real vinyl but in my opinion the difference in sound quality is negligible for any MP3 audio files of 320 kbps

this is a screenshot of serato in use

The red arrow points to the record button, this is all i have to do to record my mixes, other than ensure that the volume levels are adequate to allow a high quality playback, this record button records at 2304kbps which in theory is better than CD quality, but remember that the initial MP3s used to create the mix are only at 320 kbps. what i therefore do is save the recording and use itunes to convert to 320kbps MP3, which is what you will hear if you download any of my Soundcloud mixes.

that is all there is to recording my mixes.

There are many digital solutions out there like traktor, virtual DJ and serato, i chose serato because its classed as the industry standard. It did cost £520 but if you are serious about Djing then it is a good investment that never loses its value.

Equally important is the Macbook.
Serato does run on both Windows and OSX but after doing much research i found that OSX tended to be the most stable with the SL3 device. The previous version of Scratch Live was called SL1 and it ran brilliant in both platforms. there is also just something cool about seeing a glowing apple logo in a DJ booth.

Traktor is also good but is less widely used and doesnt have as nicely laid out a GUI as serato does. Virtual DJ is also used sometimes but this is more entry level than professional.

I will be making an upbeat mix for one commenter as he said that he likes to listen to this type of music while he jogs. keep this blog in your bookmarks and rss and you'll never miss a beat.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Time to whore myself

Just woke up mix - 27.7.2010 by d-lui

So i am a DJ as well as a semi-beta faggot who sleeps during the day.

So id like to take the opportunity to share some of my mixes while im actually getting views on here.

Main genres are House and Electro, some top 40 included.

Here is my latest mix have a listen if its up your alley.

I will be making a new mix sometime this week so if you leave comments saying which tracks you would like to hear in it, i will try and incorporate it into the mix.

Beck (d-lui)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Last night was a night with mixed fortunes.

Ended up supporting my friend because he got thrown out of his house because apparently his room was dirty, kind of pathetic reason if you ask me. Then went OUT. This is where the problems began...

At first it was ok. In a local club, playing snooker and pool, watching the Barcelona football game and having a decent time. Then He decides to get drunk and wants to go to a different bar where there were "girls". Now on the face of things, this doesn’t seem like a bad idea. But couple the fact that I already have a GF and the fact that my own mother was out in town with her friends too, and you have a recipe for potential disaster (sober disaster).

When we arrived at out new destination we had walked into what could only be described as "cougar land". We are 21 year old males and there’s just something about 21 year old males that middle-aged women find very attractive. What was even more disturbing is that my mother was among them. Rather than be Beta as fuck and try and hide to avoid any embarrassment, I seen the opportunity for some free drinks. 

This was a bad move because in order to get to my mum, I had to run a gauntlet of grannies through the dance floor to get to her. I’m all for being told i'm cute and adorable but what I have a problem with is a large woman in her late 40s wearing tight leggings and a low cut top grinding me and saying, "come here toy boy". I suddenly reverted back into beta mode and hid out in the smoking area for most of the night, counting down the minutes till I had to go and pick my girlfriend up from a concert. All the while my friend who is usually a fan of the older wimminz is also curled up in the corner with a cougar beside him and stroking his leg.

Time came to leave and go and get the girlfriend. Fantastic! I hear you say.
Well I ended up scraping the car in a supermarket car park and I hit a parked car and smashed my passenger side mirror.

To top it off, when we got home, my plan of action was to watch the X-factor with her and then try and instigate some sexan. 

She fell asleep with my arms around her and left me with blue balls. I couldn’t even move because she was on top of me.

Any alpha would just move her but I love her too much for that.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Inbetweeners

About a week ago I discovered through Facebook that there was a TV show called, The Inbetweeners.

For anyone not in the UK I would suggest downloading at least one episode and watching it, its only 25 minutes long.

It is basically about a boy who moves from private school to a state school and has trouble fitting in, he meets 3 friends who are the "uncool" ones in school but not so uncool that they are in the total rejects.

Having watched 2 seasons in the space of a day I feel that it is the most appropriate TV show out there that represents the /r9k/ demographic. They have trouble getting invited to parties, trouble with girls, they masturbate all the time and they ultimately are the people who get paper balls thrown at them in class

Without any word of a lie it is the funniest British comedy show out there.

If you’re in the UK you can catch it on 4od (channel 4's on demand service) and you can see the latest series on YouTube


For the folk across the pond and/or English Channel you can find it here as you may not be able to view 4od outside of the UK...


Friday, 24 September 2010

Back to school

If your not already, then you are just about to go back to college/school/university whatever, unless your an Oldbro who actually has a job and earns a living.

What I have noticed since I started browsing 4chan and various other chans is that there is a wealth of knowledge and experience across all the boards. I failed second year mathematics miserably due to procrastination and having "better" more-fun things to do. But in hindsight I realise I could have actually done well if I used the help that was right in front of my eyes i.e. /sci/; Yes many people on there, and all boards of that matter are just either unwilling to help a bro out or they don’t know themselves. But the times where you find a diamond in the coal is what keeps me coming back to 4chan.
I’m currently in the middle of Finance and Marketing and a bro on /r9k/ was also a finance student and he helped me with calculating IRRs. Thanks bro!!!

This is my inaugural post about why I like /r9k/ follow me and let me know what you want to see on this blog.



Similar to /r9k/, you users can control what happens here. leave comments saying what you would like to see, be it an encyclopedia tripfags or the days best stories or copypastas, whatever. Im relatively new to the whole blogging thing but in time i hope to make this one of the best blogs out there.

Beck (!16dOb9Jao2)